Oh So VERY Quiet!

Gooden evening! I am a little delayed in writing this but even more delayed in writing about my epic Ani DiFranco adventures – they are forthcoming. So, Bjork failed to make the Premiere of Biophelia Live – slightly gutting, a bit like having a 99′ without the flake (I quote myself). As the credits were coming up at the end, the rep from BFI and the director etc grabbed the mic and begged us not to leave (sounding intenionally more dramatic than it actually was) they apologised for the sound – I felt so bad for them.

I thought it was a little strange that during Crystalline (which has one of the most incredibly hectic and wonderful drum parts in) sounded more prominent on vinyl than in a hi tech cinema. They are going to screen it again with the instrument sounds actually coming out of the L-R speakers. Massive co-incidence but the day after seeing this I went to the house that Bjork’s drummer Manu Delgado used to live in and only found out after telling them this story – they had previously mentioned they lived with a drummer, no idea it was to be him. Love that kinda thang!

I look forward to seeing the film again, introduced perfectly by David Attenborough as a combination of music, nature and technology – or words to that effect. Bliss.

Playing at the 12 Bar tomorrow night – a venue I have always wanted to play! Gotta get in there before the rich bastards get it demolished. Grr!

It’s Oh So Quiet (Choir)

It's Oh So Quiet (Choir)

Today my dad rocked (interrupting his holiday in France) and booked me 2 tickets to the UK PREMIERE of Biophelia Live - Bjork will actually be attending this which is funny. I’ll be watching Bjork with Bjork (but she won’t be my +1).

Just saying it could even make it happen!

Just saying it could even make it happen!

Before the Dawn was spectacular and spectacularly camp – can I go again please? It was such a privilege to see the worldly goddess of Kate Bush  - she mastered the art making you feel like she was singing everything directly to you and getting standing O’s after every song! I’m listening to her now as I type this, hard not to want to cry every time I hear something she played. My friends and I each took home this confetti poem which shot out of the confetti gun and into the hands of fans. Well done to Mich who knew it was taken from a famous poem – by Tennyson (you can have a prize of a 30p keyring). Our night experienced a technical hitch which then turned into an early interval. When the next wonderful wave finished – when it could have ended there –  it was just the start of the second interval! OH YES! My train on the way in was delayed by an hour and this was finishing late too – it really felt like everything was being pushed back until Dawn which we would have been more than happy with. Some nights you never want to end.

Thursday night was tUne-yArDs night and was dirty, soulful and grimy – such a treat and I even enjoyed the crowd! She is the BIZNISS yeah!

Next Saturday I will be arriving in Paris for the first night of my Ani DiFranco onslaught. If they invented season tickets…



Big, big love and thanks to Martyn ‘Life Guru’ Cheesman for helping me out with the new Quiet Choir website. It will mean I can now edit it myself and write wonderful stories of joy/woe for you all to read.

Oh! Today is the day before my Kate Bush concert – see I can tell you wonderful things like this.