Higher than the aeroplanes.

Higher than the aeroplanes.

It’s been a while since I have written anything, I mean here, I write quite a lot elsewhere, mostly lists of things to do, and things to buy and songs which will be on my new album, I write these over and over. I have written a new song which I wanted to call Jane but that was only funny for about an hour so for the purpose of this it’s current title it’s Aeroplanes, inspired by a recent trip to Amsterdam and spending 4 hours looking at Chris Hadfield’s book – ‘You are here!’ You are right. I am.

I recently purchased a new pedal, not for my bike but a Line6 POD HD500X (for those of you that are that way inclined). I had a jam on my friend’s one and realised it was one of my missing links. It has all the effects on it including looping which is dreamy as I used to do that a few years ago when I started as Quiet Choir. I’m working on a set where I can incorporate looping into new and old songs and I have found myself creatively procrastinating which is a new one – ‘I really need to look in the instruction manual, oops I’m writing a song, better do this instead’. It sure beats finding hidden places in the house and cleaning them.

In the pipeline:

1x An Ani DiFranco fan documentary
1x A Quiet Choir semi-spoof documentary
1x New album
1x Book

When is not important, what is important is just that they happen.



Yesterday was the day we recorded the video for Burden to Love. It had been a long time coming as I came up with the idea for it nearly 2 years ago but it was worth the wait and series of unfortunate events that lead up to me coming up with the concept – every cloud.

On 12.12.12 I had my album launch party, without a physical album in hand. It wasn’t ready yet so it became more of an album pre-launch party. Due to the guilt of disappointment I decided I would hand-deliver the albums to anyone in zone 1-6 when they finally arrived, then I thought I should get someone to film me doing it, then I thought it should be a music video and Burden to Love was the perfect song for it. I would start the video with my bag being full of albums and I would end with an empty bag after trekking across London. The burden will have gone.

I set my alarm at 6am on 22.11.14 after 3.5 hours sleep and got the 199 to Greenwich from my hometown of Catford. The album is called Mean Time and a concept album for time so the video had to begin there, in the centre. Next stop the 188 to North Greenwich where I met my wonderful friend David Fonseca at 8am who was going to spend the next 12 hours filming/directing and telling me he needed food. From there we got the cable car from Greenwich Peninsula to Royal Docks and then the DLR from Royal Victoria to Limehouse a delivery to my friend David in Limehouse. From there we were back on the DLR to Lewisham  and jumped on the bus to Catford.

We stopped off in a cafe to get Dav a takeaway bacon and egg sandwich ‘non cut’ and I saw this lovely old woman sitting in the corner at the back of the long cafe. I really wanted to film her for the video and told Dav this, he thought she was beautiful too, sitting there reading her paper with a magnifying glass. As we were leaving we stood in the doorway of the cafe and Dav was telling me I should ask her if she wants to be in it. The thought of asking made me feel a bit sick but it is better to regret something you have done than something you haven’t done. I knew if I didn’t ask her I would regret it – there would be that 2 second gap in my video where I knew that if only I had that hot of her. It has happened to me before with a busker in brockley station, I talked myself out of talking to him and told myself I would talk to him ‘next time’ but there wasnever a next time I never saw him again. I was only making this video today, 22.11.14 all footage was from 22.11.14. Dav said he couldn’t ask her because he would scare her but I am lovely so she will like me. I disagreed but took my camera over and a CD as thought it would be as easy as giving her a CD for her to be in it. She saw me coming to speak to her and she didn’t understand why I was there after I said ‘me and my friend are making a music video…’ she said very loudly ‘WHAT IS IT TODAY?’ I just said thank you and sorry and walked away to Dav who was standing at the door of the cafe in disbelief, I felt like I was walking the Green Mile out of the cafe. I felt more sick from asking her but it did make me feel like I could ask anyone anything as that was the most awkward it could get and I survived.

From the cafe we walked to Lucy’s who wasn’t in but had left a note. We then walked over Blythe Hill Fields (one of my favourite places) for some more filming and a 15 minute interruption by a lovely woman who was walking her dog, She told me about a poetry book she had written called ’80 Skins and 75 Eggs’.

Next stop – 171 to Camberwell for delivery to Phoebe and Sarah, We then jumped on the 12 to Trafalgar Square (sadly missing Trev who was in Westminster Abbey until 2pm but we were 45 minutes late). Ruza and Lauren were down from Leeds and were going to be in Trafalgar Square 5 minutes after we were so we delivered to them there along with a great team of ‘Free Hugs’ people who joined in the fun.

Next stop Adam who bought my CD when I supported Jonah Matranga. We got the tube from Charing X to Tottenham Court Road went to Denmark Street and Tin Pan Alley before delivering to Mark in Bethnal Green at 5PM, From there we jumped on a 106 to Whitechapel to get the Overground to Rotherhithe to deliver to Annmarie in The Mayflower where we also had dinner – I had only had a banana all day and Dav his non-cut sandwich and a packet of pork scratchings. We got back on the Overground to Dalston Junction to deliver to Camilla where I would leave Dav to stay with his family as he had been filming and directing. I filmed their beautiful family then left to deliver to Patrick and Urban back at Dalston Junction station – Urban then took over Dav’s job except Urban would have to film with my mobile as just when everything was going so well disaster struck and I dropped my camera on the floor! It broke! I couldn’t believe  it. Maybe I had cursed this as the first picture I had taken in Greenwich that morning was of a lone magpie on a bin.

From there we got a bus to Rachel at a hen-do in Hackney, we were going to deliver to Elaine in Stoke Newington but she was unwell. We jumped on the 277 to Katja in Islington where we had to film on Urban’s phone which had a natural rustic filming quality to it (my battery had run out and was already on my second one of the day). We were then meant to visit Chris N in Kings Cross and Dorothee near Caledonian Road but time and circumstances were just not on our side (Mean Time). We got the 43 to Archway where the final delivery  to Polly was shot by her friend Mike on his lush camera at midnight. The plan had then been to deliver to Mr Bones and my Mum in Surbiton and Helen in Chessington but it wasn’t to be. We left after filming and I was back in Catford at 2.30am. Today everything aches but it was worth it.

Thank you to everyone who bought the album/took part or who wanted to participate but couldn’t make it and to everyone who showed their support.

Massive thanks to David Fonseca for a memorable and fun day and to Urban for coming along for the end part of the ride.



Oh So VERY Quiet!

Gooden evening! I am a little delayed in writing this but even more delayed in writing about my epic Ani DiFranco adventures – they are forthcoming. So, Bjork failed to make the Premiere of Biophelia Live – slightly gutting, a bit like having a 99′ without the flake (I quote myself). As the credits were coming up at the end, the rep from BFI and the director etc grabbed the mic and begged us not to leave (sounding intenionally more dramatic than it actually was) they apologised for the sound – I felt so bad for them.

I thought it was a little strange that during Crystalline (which has one of the most incredibly hectic and wonderful drum parts in) sounded more prominent on vinyl than in a hi tech cinema. They are going to screen it again with the instrument sounds actually coming out of the L-R speakers. Massive co-incidence but the day after seeing this I went to the house that Bjork’s drummer Manu Delgado used to live in and only found out after telling them this story – they had previously mentioned they lived with a drummer, no idea it was to be him. Love that kinda thang!

I look forward to seeing the film again, introduced perfectly by David Attenborough as a combination of music, nature and technology – or words to that effect. Bliss.

Playing at the 12 Bar tomorrow night – a venue I have always wanted to play! Gotta get in there before the rich bastards get it demolished. Grr!

It’s Oh So Quiet (Choir)

It's Oh So Quiet (Choir)

Today my dad rocked (interrupting his holiday in France) and booked me 2 tickets to the UK PREMIERE of Biophelia Live - Bjork will actually be attending this which is funny. I’ll be watching Bjork with Bjork (but she won’t be my +1).

Just saying it could even make it happen!

Just saying it could even make it happen!

Before the Dawn was spectacular and spectacularly camp – can I go again please? It was such a privilege to see the worldly goddess of Kate Bush  - she mastered the art making you feel like she was singing everything directly to you and getting standing O’s after every song! I’m listening to her now as I type this, hard not to want to cry every time I hear something she played. My friends and I each took home this confetti poem which shot out of the confetti gun and into the hands of fans. Well done to Mich who knew it was taken from a famous poem – by Tennyson (you can have a prize of a 30p keyring). Our night experienced a technical hitch which then turned into an early interval. When the next wonderful wave finished – when it could have ended there –  it was just the start of the second interval! OH YES! My train on the way in was delayed by an hour and this was finishing late too – it really felt like everything was being pushed back until Dawn which we would have been more than happy with. Some nights you never want to end.

Thursday night was tUne-yArDs night and was dirty, soulful and grimy – such a treat and I even enjoyed the crowd! She is the BIZNISS yeah!

Next Saturday I will be arriving in Paris for the first night of my Ani DiFranco onslaught. If they invented season tickets…



Big, big love and thanks to Martyn ‘Life Guru’ Cheesman for helping me out with the new Quiet Choir website. It will mean I can now edit it myself and write wonderful stories of joy/woe for you all to read.

Oh! Today is the day before my Kate Bush concert – see I can tell you wonderful things like this.