Quiet Choir are a London based band featuring:

Esther - Guitar/Uke/Vox   Simon - Trumpet Ed Sibley - Bass Mono - Drums   

Quiet Choir is also Esther when she plays solo.

QC have played here, there and everywhere, including casinos, UFOs, limos, barns, cemeteries, New York, Madagascar and Sweden. Their debut album Mean Time is a concept album for time, with each song representing a month and are due to record their their follow-up DIGITAL CLOUDS which will be released into the ether by the end of the decade.

QC has the DJing alter-ego of CATTI MYTH and Esther is in the midst of finishing her first kids book 'The Knitting Witch', a true story written in the future, that looks back on when Mother Nature wiped out all the humans and everything human made from existence as She had finally had enough of how they had mistreated Her sister Mother Earth.

The completion of this will then make way for her other book ‘Calling in Dead’ (not suitable for children) and also a film entitled ‘What if No-One’s Watching’, which QC will write, direct and appear in because ‘if anything is worth doing properly, it’s worth doing yourself.’