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One week ago today, we played at the fabulous Blue Monday night at The Boogaloo, Highgate and had a great first gig as our new 4-piece line up.

You can watch our set HERE as the night was lovingly filmed by Rose Red. We are on at 1hr 20mins.

Esther and Tamara will be playing the next Quiet Choir gig together, live on the internet 17/06/2018 




Dear you,

I am very excited to announce that there are 2 new additions to the Quiet Choir family; Tamara on cello and Simon on trumpet.       

Last summer, I said to Tamara (a mutual friend of our dear Phoebe), that in 2018, we would play music together. We were soon to be neighbours, (and also I had heard on the gravevine that she was really rather good)! I had never seen or heard her play before (and vice/versa) and to my luck, she agreed.

At a birthday party, few months later, I asked Zena (another mutual friend of Phoebe) if her boyfriend (who had just arrived, and who I'd never met before),  played an instrument, as I wanted him to be in my band! She said that he did and that he played trumpet! Perfect! So again,  I said to Simon that in 2018 we would play music together and that I also had someone on cello lined up.  I had never seen or heard him play before (and vice/versa) and to my luck, he too agreed! 

It is all very magical how it has worked out. Tamara and Simon are wonderful people/musicians and we are all looking forward to 14/05/18 when we have our first gig together and with Mono on drums!

We are really excited to share our music with you.      

Stay connected,





I'm very much looking forward to January as I have just got a gig supporting one of my heroes Jonah Matranga at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton on Monday 24th. I'll be joined by Kate Shields on musical saw and we'll be cutting shapes from Mean Time and from my upcoming album DIGITAL CLOUDS.