Quiet Choir are a London based band featuring:

Esther - Guitar/Uke/Vox   Simon - Trumpet Ed - Bass Mono - Drums   

Quiet Choir is also Esther when she plays solo acoustic or duo acoustic with Simon.

QC have played here, there and everywhere, including; casinos, UFOs, limos, barns, cemeteries, New York, Madagascar, Sweden and El Azizia.

Their debut album Mean Time is a concept album for time, with each song representing a month. The follow-up DIGITAL CLOUDS will be released into the ether on 29.2.20 after they have all proposed to their boyfriends.

Esther has just finished her first kids book; 'The Knitting Witch', a true story written in the future, that looks back on when Mother Nature wiped out all the humans and everything human made from existence.